1) (exactly right: an accurate drawing.) exacto, preciso
2) (making no mistakes: an accurate memory.) fiel, preciso
- accuracy
accurate adj preciso / exacto
1 (numbers etc) exacto,-a, preciso,-a
2 (instrument) de precisión
3 (shot) certero,-a
4 (information etc) exacto,-a
5 (interpretation, translation) fiel
accurate ['ækjərət] adj
: exacto, correcto, fiel, preciso
accurately adv
acabado, -a adj.
cabal adj.
correcto, -a adj.
exacto, -a adj.
fiel adj.
preciso, -a adj.
seguro, -a adj.
adjective <measurement/instrument> exacto, preciso; <weapon/aim/blow> certero; <description/assessment> exacto; <translation> exacto, fiel

to be strictly accurate, it was 2.15 — para ser preciso or exacto, eran las 2.15

ADJ [number, measurement, figure, calculation] exacto; [instrument, scales] preciso; [translation, copy, information, description, memory] fiel, exacto; [observation, answer, forecast] acertado; [instructions] preciso; [shot, aim] certero; [missile] de gran precisión; [typist] que no comete errores

is that clock accurate? — ¿tiene ese reloj la hora exacta?

accurate spelling is important — escribir sin faltas es muy importante

it was his father or, to be accurate, his stepfather — era su padre o, para ser exacto, su padrastro

to be strictly accurate ... — para ser más preciso or exacto ...

the newspaper has been accurate in its reports — el periódico ha informado fielmente de los hechos en sus reportajes

the tests are 90% accurate in identifying future victims — los análisis aciertan al detectar futuras víctimas en un 90 por ciento de los casos

clocks that are accurate to one second in 40 million years — relojes que no pierden ni ganan más de un segundo en 40 millones de años

the scales are accurate to half a gram — la balanza tiene un margen de error de solo medio gramo

* * *
adjective <measurement/instrument> exacto, preciso; <weapon/aim/blow> certero; <description/assessment> exacto; <translation> exacto, fiel

to be strictly accurate, it was 2.15 — para ser preciso or exacto, eran las 2.15

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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